Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Saturday, March 28, 2015

LSU Senior from Monroe Receives International Award

Hunter Chapman was the recipient of the International Outstanding Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader Award at the 2012 International Conference in San Diego, where he will also conducted a presentation about his best learning and teaching methods.

Hunter, on his experience with S.I.:
"But it really has a greater effect on me because of the reward of seeing students learning and accomplishing the goals they have set for themselves.  I’m so proud and privileged to work with these students.  But also, SI has opened many doors for me in terms of the people I’ve met and the opportunities I have had because of the program.  And it is the great people I’ve worked for and with that I will remember most about my experience with SI at LSU."

About Hunter
Hunter was born and raised in Monroe, LA.  He attended and graduated valedictorian from River Oaks School where he was student body president. Upon graduating LSU in Biological Sciences in May 2012, Hunter will move to Memphis, Tennessee to attend optometry school at Southern College of Optometry, and plans to open his own practice after graduating.  His experience as a Supplemental Instruction leader has led him to love teaching which he hopes to also do at some point in his career.  Dr. Elzbieta Cook, Hunter’s faculty partner says, “I cannot overemphasize how much I appreciate Hunter’s assistance in motivating, guiding and mentoring students in my class.”