Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Sunday, March 01, 2015

Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring is offered through a service called SMARTHINKING.  Learn More.

How do I register for SMARTHINKING?

  • Students can register through their MyLSU account under Student Services by clicking SMARTHINKING, or by clicking here.
  • Must use a valid LSU e-mail address for their username and e-mail address when registering. 






For what subjects is tutoring offered?

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Math: basic math through calculus II
  • Business: statistics, finance, economics, accounting
  • Science: general biology, anatomy and physiology, genetics, physics, chemistry
  • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Nursing & Allied Health
  • Computers & Technology


  • Do not have access to SMARTHINKING, but can get a free demo account by calling Melissa Brocato (225-578-5293) at the Center for Academic Success
  • Can get training by contacting Barbara McManus at 225-578-1135 or
  • Can inform their students on their course web page to register for SMARTHINKING through their PAWS account under student services by clicking SMARTHINKING

How do I efficiently use my 900 minutes of free tutoring?

  • Do as much work as you can before engaging an online tutor
  • Determine specific questions you would like to discuss with the tutor
  • Submit questions that can be answered off line whenever possible

How can I find out more about SMARTHINKING?

 *Need to Purchase Additional Hours? Go to Click on "Individuals" and then click on "Buy Now!" to review our pricing and terms of service. When you are comfortable with the terms and know which plan you would like to buy, use the "Click Here to Create Your Account!" button to get started.