Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Wednesday, April 01, 2015

My Plan for Success

Most college students face challenges.  Many times these challenges have to do with a lack of time management and organization; not knowing what type of learner they are so that they can employ the best study methods; not knowing how to study to perform at the higher levels of learning as required at the college-level; and feeling lots of stress.

The CAS works with students every day to help them with these challenges.  By providing the "Create My Plan for Success" series, it is our hope that we can help you address these challenges and provide you with doable strategies to overcome them.

This series asks you to learn about yourself, revealing your strengths and challenges through short self-assessments.  It provides you with relevant information and tools to address your needs.  And, finally, it provides you with a plan to help you overcome and improve.

We invite you to CREATE YOUR PLAN for Success NOW!