Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Reduce My Stress

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by large projects, exams, or other "college" responsibilities?  Has your brain ever "frozen" in the middle of a test?  Are you concerned about your health? This section is designed to help "students experience stress" by encourageing you to make positive changes in your life to reduce your stress.

For more personal interaction with the CAS regarding stress and/or test anxiety management, check out Project COPE or call 225.578.2872 to schedule an appointment!

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Stress Identification

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Online Workshops

Overcoming Test Anxiety


Tip Sheets

How can I manage my stress?

How can I manage my test anxiety?

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*If you are suffering from anxiety or depression (see what is stress above), please seek help immediately.  For LSU students, contact the LSU Student Mental Health Center @ 225.578.8774.  For all others, contact The Phone @ 225.924.3900 or 800.437.0303.