Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Saturday, March 28, 2015


We are proud to offer students support with their courses by providing content-specific assistance via our on-campus tutorial centers, online tutoring, and by providing a private tutor for hire list. These resources will help you master course content and develop study strategies for specific courses.

7 Myths about Tutoring at LSU

1. MYTH: Tutors give undivided one-on-one assistance.
FACT: Our walk-in center is designed to serve as many students as possible. For high  
demand subjects, there are 3-5 tutors for every 15 students, and wait-times may occur.  To lessen wait times students are encouraged to visit during less busy times such as early morning and evenings.

2. MYTH: Tutors will provide answers to assignments.
FACT: Our tutors are CRLA trained to provide guidance on how to achieve the correct answer, which will help students be successful when taking the test.

3. MYTH: Tutors can replace my class time.
FACT: Tutors serve as additional support for clearing up minor problems and cannot replace class time or effective study habits.

4. MYTH: Tutors know everything.
FACT: Tutors are just like you. They have taken courses taught by a variety of professors and may not be familiar with every concept or homework assignment in each course.

5. MYTH: Tutors pick and choose whom they see.
FACT: Tutors respond to flags raised in their assigned subject areas in the order they are seen.

6. MYTH: Private tutors are employed by the CAS.
FACT: The CAS provides private tutor names as a courtesy. The CAS does not employ nor recruit private tutors. The CAS is not responsible for the quality of service received from private tutors; this is an exclusive contract between the student and the private tutor.

7. MYTH: Students who have a poor experience should quit attending the tutorial center.
FACT: Your feedback matters. Students are given opportunities to let us know how we are doing by completing a Tutor Rate Card located in the tutorial center so that issues can be addressed as quickly as possible. Each student also receives an end of semester survey to complete.


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